Myron Golden Net Worth Reaches $50 Million

Myron Golden Net Worth: Learn how self-made millionaire and entrepreneur Myron Golden built a $50 million fortune. His rags-to-riches story and success in sales, marketing, and investing have inspired thousands. Discover the strategies and mindset Golden used to create multiple businesses and his journey from trash collector to bestselling author with a net worth of tens of millions.

Myron Golden’s Net Worth

The author cum entrepreneur has accumulated an estimated net worth of $50 million as of 2024. The majority of his wealth comes from the numerous successful companies he has founded and sold over his career.

In the late 1990s, Golden founded Titan Marketing Group which he eventually sold to iContact for $40 million. This highly profitable exit provided a significant boost to his net worth.

Golden has also earned millions in revenue from his sales training and education company, Automated Sales Inc. The company generates income through courses, seminars, and coaching programs.

Golden has made wise investments in real estate that have contributed sizable returns. He owns both residential and commercial properties.

As a prolific author, Golden has written over 22 books that have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. Book sales along with speaking engagements provide additional revenue streams.

Golden continues to build his wealth through new ventures, investments, training programs, and expanding his education platforms. His net worth is expected to grow as he furthers his legacy.

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Career Success Story – Income Sources

5 Interesting Facts about Myron Golden
5 Interesting Facts about Myron Golden

After dropping out of college, Golden struggled to find direction and bounced between jobs. At one point he worked as a garbage collector. An incident where he was unfairly accused of stealing led to his termination.

Golden decided he would never allow his income and success to be dictated by others. He immersed himself in studying sales, marketing, and personal development. His first business selling reconditioned computers was successful.

In the late 1990s, Golden founded Titan Marketing Group, providing marketing consulting and lead generation services. The company was eventually sold to iContact in 2007 for $40 million. The major part of Myron Golden Net Worth lying here.

He has gone on to build several other multimillion-dollar businesses including Automated Sales Inc. He also earned millions through investing in real estate. As an author, his books have sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Golden is best known for his Straight Line System, considered one of the most effective sales training systems. He has won numerous awards and honors for his contributions to business, sales and marketing.

Myron Golden Books

  • From Trash Man to Cash Man (2003) – Golden’s rags to riches autobiography focuses on mindset and beliefs driving success.
  • Dream Big Act Big (2012)- Emphasizes goal-setting and taking bold action to manifest dreams into reality.
  • Live Your Dreams (2013) – Providing inspiration and practical strategies for going after your dreams.
  • The Straight Line System (2016) is considered Golden’s seminal work outlining his step-by-step system for sales mastery.
  • Objections Close Sales (2018) – Practical playbook for overcoming objections in the selling process.
  • Money Making Conversations (2020) – Communication techniques for increasing income through improved relationships.
  • Automated Selling (2021) – Guide to leveraging online platforms and AI to scale your sales process.

In total, this iconic author has published over 22 books on sales, marketing, mindset, and personal development.

Myron Golden Quotes:

  • “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” – Encouraging people not to fall into complacency and sameness.
  • “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” – Motivating people to dream big and push limits.
  • “Remember, you only fail when you quit trying.” – Inspiring perseverance and grit.
  • “Success leaves clues.” – Advising that others’ successes contain lessons.
  • “To get where you want to be, you must know where you are now.” – Emphasizing starting from an honest assessment of one’s current situation.
  • “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Embracing resilience in the face of adversity and setbacks.
  • “Limitations live only in our minds.” – Dismissing mental barriers that hold people back.
  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Encouraging boldness and calculated risk-taking.
  • “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” – Championing proactive focus and self-discipline.
  • “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” – Conveying the importance of defining and acting on goals.

Myron Golden Biography

Though we have focused on his Net Worth building journey, it is obvious to get enlightened about the beginning story of the famous author. Where from the inspiration come to build such a huge net worth?

Myron Golden is an American author, entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and public speaker known for his rags-to-riches story. After years of struggle, he achieved success in sales and marketing, going on to build several multi-million dollar businesses and authoring over 22 popular books. His story serves as an inspiration to many.

Early Life – Myron Golden Age

The famous author was born in Chicago, Illinois on March 7, 1960, to Patricia and Robert Golden. He was the youngest of three children, with two older sisters. He is now 64 years old. His family was working-class African Americans. As a child, Golden enjoyed reading inspirational stories about people overcoming difficult circumstances, laying the foundation for his future outlook and teachings.


Golden attended public schools in Chicago where he was an average student. After graduating high school in 1978, he briefly attended a local community college but dropped out before completing a degree.

Personal Life – Myron Golden Wife

The famous author likes to keep his personal life private. He has been married to his wife Georgia Golden since 1985. The couple has two adult children together.

Georgia has been by Myron’s side throughout his rags-to-riches journey. She supported him even during the difficult early years when he struggled to find direction and bounced between jobs.

Myron credits his wife and family as providing stability and motivation. He says Georgia’s faith in him gave him the confidence to become an entrepreneur.

The Goldens live together in San Diego, California, and have been married for almost 40 years. Myron describes Georgia as his closest confidant.

Myron Golden Daughter

Golden has two adult children with his wife Georgia. They have a son and a daughter, although their names have not been disclosed.

Golden occasionally posts vague references to his children on social media, wishing them happy birthday for example. But he does not give specifics.

His daughter appears to maintain a very low profile and does not seek any publicity or attention. She prefers to remain out of the spotlight.

Myron Golden Net Worth
Myron Golden’s Net Worth

Myron Golden Bio-Data

Real Name/Full Name:Myron Arthur Golden
Nick Name:N/A
Date Of Birth:March 7, 1960
Age:63 years old
Birth Place:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Parents Name:Robert and Patricia Golden
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Brown
Siblings:Two older sisters
Marital Status:Married
Spouse Name:Georgia Golden (m. 1985)
Children Name:One son and one daughter
Profession:Author, entrepreneur, speaker, business consultant
Net Worth:$50 million estimated
Myron Golden Bio-Data Info

Myron Golden’s Website, Twitter, and Other Social Media Profiles

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Latest News

Myron Golden NetWorthBioInfo.Com
Myron Golden NetWorthBioInfo.Com

In late 2023, Golden announced he would be launching a new coaching and training program called Mindset Mastery University. The online platform aims to share his most comprehensive teachings for reprogramming one’s mindset to achieve greater success.

Golden was recently honored with the Sales Influence Award at the 2023 Personal Development & Success Summit. In his acceptance speech, he emphasized the importance of continually challenging oneself.

Life’s Mission, Charity & Philanthropy

Faith and giving back feature strongly in Golden’s life. He is a devoted Christian and supports various faith-based programs. The Myron Golden Foundation provides scholarships to disadvantaged youth and aids non-profit organizations.

Golden is also passionate about social justice and has been involved in criminal justice reform initiatives. He strives to be a positive role model and hopes his story of overcoming odds can motivate others.


With his books selling over 1 million copies, Golden has cemented his legacy as one of the most influential sales trainers and marketing experts. His Straight Line System is considered a seminal work.

Upcoming projects like Mindset Mastery University and new books will continue sharing his methods for succeeding in business and personal growth. Golden aims to empower people from all walks of life to tap into their potential and achieve their dreams.

Though already highly successful, at 64 years old, Golden remains ambitious. He is driven by a life purpose to inspire others through his teachings and provide training to create new generations of entrepreneurs. The famous author and body of work ensure his legacy will live on for years to come.

Conclusion – Myron Golden’s Amazing Life Story

Myron Golden had a very interesting life. He started as a garbage collector but he worked hard and made his dreams come true. Golden started some very successful companies.

He never stopped trying to achieve more and believed that one should always keep growing. Despite being a successful entrepreneur and author, he keeps his family life very private. His family, especially his wife Georgia and children, are his support system. They help him stay grounded and focused on his goals. This author overcame many challenges to live life on his terms. He follows his path, guided by faith and self-confidence. His teachings have helped many people chase their dreams and overcome their limitations.

At 64 years old, Golden is still working hard. He wants to do things that help people. He shows that age doesn’t matter – you can always do big things. Golden wants to make the world a better place with his work. His story makes people from everywhere feel like they can be their best selves and live life to the fullest.


How old is Myron Golden?

He is 64 years old.

Who is Myron Golden’s wife?

His wife is Georgia Golden.

What is Myron Golden’s net worth?

The famous author’s Net Worth is $50 Million.

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